Harin Jalli, Connecticut Businessman

August 31, 2016
Among his peers, Harin Jalli is considered a world-renowned expert in the global chemical and energy industries. After more than 30 years in the industry, he is often called upon to share the wealth of his knowledge with others in the chemical and energy industries and he often lectures students in the field as well.

This should surprise no one. Look at his record; it is obvious that Harin Jalli, Connecticut-based Sonerica Capital’s founder and chief executive, likes to leverage his significant background to make the global chemical and energy industries better prepared for the future. With more than 30 years’ experience working for a large number of companies, he has repeatedly taken on many leadership and senior management roles and likes to pass on the wealth of knowledge he has gained.

For Harin Jalli, Connecticut is a great place to be because of the state’s regard for higher education. He obviously values the importance of education, given that he has a lot of it, including a MBA and two other Master’s degrees from prestigious Lehigh University, as well as a B. Tech (Honors) degree from the Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur, India.